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Improve the rober covers on the Spot gen3, so that no catastrophic damages could happen to the devices

I'm myself using a lot my Spot Gen 3 in sea/wet weather conditions and unfortunately for me during one of my chalenges the spot gen 3 got entirely damaged (completely destroyed, U/S) by water getting inside of it via the micro USB port.

In deed the rubber cover not being strongly 100% watertight let some of the sea water got inside of the device hence the spot gen 3 tracker completely out of service. Not working at all anymore, impossible to turn it on.

This incident happened while I was doing the crossing in solo with a kayak of the Mediterranean sea, which lead me to have to cancel the crossing after around 300km for safety measure. I was relying so much on this device and by the past it has been proven to be so efficient that I didn't want to take the chances of carrying on without this so important device.

Know that for your future devices, in my opinion this rubber cover definitely need to be improved (stronger attachment, stronger watertight characteristic, etc.) not to let get through any water or come off loose by inadvertant scratching, which in survival condition would be catastrophic to be able to operate the device especially for assistance in case of a real life emergency.

Also, in my opinion the 2 other front rubber covers which are protecting of activation the SOS and assistance push buttons should be better conceived.
By that I mean, they can open up so easy by random scratching so you don't want to activate them inadvertently during your activities, which sometimes could be very dynamic/rough.

I'm willing to try out in real life condition/extreme challenges, other devices from your company and be interested more than ever if we could build together some kind of partnership/sponsoring.

thank you very much for your attention and time.

best regards.

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  • davideaton commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I tape my buttons over as they get caught and could be pulled off. The old Gen2 had better covers protecting buttons.
    Having to untape to activate SOS isn't ideal and if uncovered could activate false alarm.

  • warwick commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Make it more water resistant. The interior of my Gen 3 has corroded and the device doesn't work anymore

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