SPOT X Firmware Release

The SPOT X firmware update will address the following issues:


  • Fixed occasional erroneous low battery warning pop-up
  • Fixed occasional lock-up issue
  • Fixed occasional power-off and power-on issues
  • Fixed minor User Interface issues


  • Fetch New Message
    • Added Fetching Message icon to Status Bar when Fetch New Message menu item is selected
    • Fetch New Message menu item will be grayed out when selected, indicating that the SPOT X is in Message Fetching mode
    • S.O.S.
      • Added ability to disable S.O.S. menu item to prevent accidentally initiating an S.O.S. from the User Interface – S.O.S. mode will only be initiated by physically pressing the S.O.S. button only
      • S.O.S. menu item will be grayed out when disabled.
      • Improved compass accuracy/stability
      • Added Country Code example to SMS number entry screen, preventing users from using the field for Area Code by mistake
Customers will need to perform the firmware update through My Account or the firmware updater page on A Wi-Fi connection is necessary to successfully complete the firmware update. The firmware update cannot be updated through a tablet, iPad or phone.

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