SPOT X Firmware Update 1.6.8

SPOT X Firmware Update Fixes and Improvements:

Release Update – December 11, 2018



·        Initial setup tutorial

·        Smartphone style compass behavior

·        New status bar icons for outbound message queue and GPS acquisition

·        Easily readable firmware version i.e. This version is 1.6.8

·        Updated the look of the message threads to see new messages more easily

·        Pop-ups suppressed while entering text

·        Battery saving features for when user brings the device indoors

·        Ability to jump to contacts by letter

·        Resend message capability

·        Back button remembers where you were in the message thread

·        Altitude explanation pop up

·        Ability to save a contact when drafting a message

·        Replying to messages with multiple recipients includes all recipients



·        Text wrapping in long messages

·        Increased battery percentage accuracy

·        Inability to cancel Check-In/OK Messages

·        Backlight not working while on some screens

·        Situations where back button leads through a loop of screens

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